Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Presence & Co.’s Apprenticeship Programme

Monty, Presence & Co. apprentice outside by braanded vans

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the traditional paths of education don’t always fit the bill for everyone. Recognising this, Presence & Co. has a new approach to talent development through its apprenticeship programmes. By welcoming eager apprentices into the trade industry, Presence & Co. is providing an alternative to the conventional university route.

With a variety of industries, Presence & Co.’s apprenticeships offer something for everyone. These programmes not only impart invaluable real-world experience but also provide people with the opportunity to earn a salary, setting them up for success in terms of both skills and workplace readiness.

Lily Spencer, Head of Marketing at Presence & Co., is a passionate advocate for apprenticeships. She highlights their benefits, saying, “Apprenticeships offer a fantastic route into the working world, providing practical experience that goes beyond what a traditional course can offer. I pursued an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing, followed by a Leadership Apprenticeship, and it remains one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

Through its apprenticeship programme, Presence & Co. is not just investing in the future workforce; it’s empowering young individuals to become leaders in their chosen fields. Monty McDonald, an active apprentice enrolled in an Electrical Apprenticeship programme, shares his journey.

Monty’s Journey:

Monty’s path to his apprenticeship began after completing his A-levels. He ventured into the corporate world but soon realised it wasn’t for him. It was then that he discovered his passion for the trade industry.

Motivated by his belief in hands-on learning, Monty chose to pursue an apprenticeship. He was drawn to electrical work after witnessing the variety and excitement of the job firsthand. Plus, the attractive salary prospects didn’t hurt!

His experience at Presence & Co. has exceeded his expectations. The company’s unwavering support, especially from the electrical team, has been instrumental in his growth. From mentorship to access to new tools, Monty feels truly supported in his journey.

Our team of electricians. Including Monty, pictured in centre and his mentor and manager Alex, pictured left.

Q&A with Monty:

Did you move directly from school to your apprenticeship?

No, I didn’t. I decided to stay on for sixth form and achieve my A-levels. After I took a leap into the corporate industry and quickly realised it wasn’t for me! Then, I moved into the trade industry and found that my passion was here.

What motivated you to pursue an apprenticeship?

My motivation to start my apprenticeship was because I believe it is the most effective way of learning, with a hands-on approach being my preferred way of learning an apprenticeship was ideal.

What apprenticeship are you undergoing?

I am currently undergoing an Electrical Apprenticeship. I became interested in becoming an electrician through watching them work on-site and seeing the variety of fun and interesting work that they do. Also, the money isn’t bad… so that’s a bonus!

How is your experience going in the current apprenticeship at P&Co.?

It’s going even better than I thought it would – I am loving every second so far.

What are your expectations and goals for this apprenticeship?

To become a fully qualified electrician within the four-year college period and to be the best electrician I can be. My goal for this apprenticeship programme is to always be learning and growing and to pass my Am2 (final exam) first time round.

In what ways do you feel supported by the company during your apprenticeship?

P&Co. couldn’t have supported me more through my apprenticeship so far. Everyone is more than willing to lend a hand and give me advice, especially the electrical team. I have received new tools as support for my day-to-day work and couldn’t be happier with them.

What are your future plans, and how does the apprenticeship play a role in achieving them?

My future plans are to finish my apprenticeship and become a fully qualified electrician and this apprenticeship allows me to do so to the best of my ability.

For those considering an apprenticeship, Monty has some advice:

“Just go for it. There’s no better way to learn than by doing, and getting paid while you learn is a massive bonus.”

Presence & Co. is committed to nurturing talent through apprenticeships, recognising their vital role in building a skilled workforce. As the company spokesperson affirms, “Investing in our people is fundamental to our mission.”

If you’re looking for an exciting career whilst getting a qualification, email us today at info@presence.uk

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