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Facilities & Estate Management is a multifaceted field dedicated to efficiently and securely overseeing buildings. From maintenance and cleaning to security and energy management, our services cover a broad spectrum aimed at fostering productive and secure environments while optimising costs.

Our Services:
Right to Manage (RTM) – Did you know that you have the Right to Manage? If you own a leasehold property and are dissatisfied with the current management, you can exercise your right to appoint a new property management company.
Estate Management Plans – Tailored plans are available for residential landlords with extensive property portfolios and commercial entities such as schools, providing suitable facilities is vital to fulfilling educational visions.
Drone Piloting - Our licensed pilots utilise drones for aerial surveys, inspections, and monitoring, offering invaluable insights into your property's condition.

Additionally, we offer:

- Maintenance Services
- Cleaning Services
- Security
- Energy Management
"We prioritise creating productive and safe environments while minimising costs, ensuring that your property operates at optimal efficiency."

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