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Transforming Spaces: A Tale of Renovation and Modernisation by Presence & Co.

Welcome to the transformation journey of 5b Nevil Street, where old meets modern and functionality meets aesthetics. At Presence & Co., we take pride in breathing new life into tired spaces, turning them into vibrant hubs of contemporary living. Let’s delve into the exciting journey of renovation and housing repairs we’ve undertaken. Reviving 5b Nevil […]

Empowering Leaseholders: The Right to Manage Explained

Presence & Co., a property management firm headquartered in Tunbridge Wells, is shedding light on the little-known yet powerful tool known as the Right to Manage (RTM) legislation. With the aim of offering property owners the autonomy they deserve over the management of their buildings.

Celebrating Mark O’Donnell’s 25 Years of Dedication and Achievement

Today marks a significant milestone for one of our colleagues, Mark O’Donnell, as he celebrates his 25th work anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, we sat down with Mark to reflect on his journey, highlights, and what has made his time with us so special. From Automotive Glazing Technician to Estates Manager Mark began his career […]

Heworth House’s Transformation, York

Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of restoration and preservation with our latest project, Heworth House. After our success with Clifford’s Tower at the York Design Awards, we’re excited to share the journey of Heworth House as it enters the spotlight in the category: preservation and transformation. Originally built in 1865 as the Heworth […]