Spilling the Secrets of Facility Management

In the world of property management, one name stands prominent with its promise to put your property first: Presence & Co., with the Facilities & Estates department led by Tom Clements. The facilities department is the engine that drives seamless operations and property satisfaction. Let’s take a journey into the depths of facility management, exploring its core pillars and essential tasks, and discover how it transforms properties into thriving assets under our care.

Unravelling Facility Management Support Services:


Facility Management Support Services are the unsung heroes of property management, ensuring that every corner of a property is efficient and functional. Beyond maintenance, it’s about strategic planning to keep operations smooth and occupant’s content. At Presence & Co., our services cover the entire spectrum of property management, guaranteeing that each property we handle becomes of value.

Facility building in london

The Core Pillars of Facility Management:


  1. Operations and Maintenance:

This is the heartbeat of facility management, where every flicker of a light bulb and every coat of paint matters. By keeping facilities in top shape, we ensure uninterrupted operations and a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

  1. Space Management:

Efficiency is key, especially when it comes to space. We don’t just create layouts; we craft environments that flex and adapt to the changing needs of occupants, maximising productivity and minimising costs along the way.

  1. Asset Management:

Every asset is meticulously managed for longevity and optimal performance. By staying ahead of maintenance schedules and lifecycle planning, we keep properties running smoothly and costs down.

  1. Health and Safety:

Safety is non-negotiable. We leave no stone unturned in implementing stringent safety measures, conducting risk assessments, and ensuring compliance with regulations to create secure environments for all.

outdoor image of a facility rooftop in london

The Essential Tasks of Facility Management


Planning and Strategy:

It all begins with a roadmap. We start by understanding our clients’ goals and needs, then craft bespoke plans to align facility resources with business objectives, ensuring long-term success.

Operations and Maintenance:

Once the plans are set, it’s all about keeping the wheels turning. We manage maintenance schedules with precision, swiftly addressing any issues that arise to minimise disruptions and keep operations running like clockwork.

Facility Management Services are the secret behind every successful property. At Presence & Co., we take pride in our ability to transform properties into thriving assets through strategic planning, meticulous maintenance, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Led by Tom Clements, we stand ready to navigate the complexities of facility management, ensuring that every property under our care shines brighter than the rest.

office in tunbridge wells, managed by Presence & Co.

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