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Home Edited was founded in 2020 by Kate, a busy mum who understands firsthand how clutter can impact mental health. “As a busy mum of two little incredible people, I am not afraid to say that clutter and mess have a profound impact on my anxiety and levels of stress,” she shares. The drive to maintain an organised home for mental clarity inspired her to launch Home Edited. She experienced the transformative power of an organised space in her life and wanted to extend this benefit to others.

Core Principles and Values

At the heart of Home Edited lies a simple mission, to help clients love their homes. This is achieved through implementing manageable, simplistic, and practical systems that ensure long-term organisation. The goal is to make life easier by allowing spaces to be reset effortlessly, embodying the principle of simplicity in every project.

Tackling Common Challenges

Home organisation comes with its challenges, including overwhelm, time constraints, lack of motivation, attachment to possessions, and inadequate organisational systems. One frequent issue is having more belongings than space. Home Edited addresses these challenges by breaking down tasks into manageable actions, whether through one-on-one accountability sessions or comprehensive detox and organisation project days. This approach helps clients overcome their initial overwhelm and achieve a more organised living space.

Success Stories

Every project at Home Edited showcases the profound impact an organised space can have on mental health and well-being. From pre-renovation detox processes to playroom organisation and one-on-one accountability sessions, each success story reflects the core reasons behind the company’s founding and the significant effect a well-organised home can have on overall wellness.

Collaboration with Presence & Co.

Excitement About the Collaboration

The collaboration with Presence & Co. excites Kate because it offers an opportunity to recommend exceptional local businesses that can assist clients in all aspects of home maintenance. Working alongside an experienced team that supports full home maintenance is an exciting prospect for both companies.

Complementary Services

A scenario where Home Edited’s organisational expertise and Presence & Co.’s maintenance services complement each other perfectly is during property moves or renovations. Home Edited can assist in detoxing unnecessary items at the packing stage and provide unpacking and organisation services at the new location. This allows clients to focus on essential tasks while practical systems and structures are implemented to support their homes and family requirements.

Unique Benefits for Clients

Clients will experience unique benefits from this collaboration, including comprehensive home management support. From detoxing and organisation to renovation and property transactions, this partnership offers a holistic approach to home maintenance. This not only saves clients time and money but also ensures a seamless and efficient home management journey.

Personal Insights

Rewards of the Job

The most rewarding part of working at Home Edited for Kate is witnessing clients fall back in love with their homes and restore calm in their lives. This transformation is the driving force behind the company’s dedication to helping clients achieve organised and clutter-free spaces.

Staying Organised and Motivated

Kate stays organised and motivated by planning and scheduling meticulously. Balancing a business and two young children can be overwhelming, so weekly planning, delegation, and selective relinquishment are essential. At home, every item has its designated place, and spaces are kept uncluttered with labelled storage. Regular detoxing and only allowing necessary items into the home are key practices.

For those looking to start their journey towards a more organised and clutter-free home, Kate’s advice is simple, start small. Break down the task into manageable steps, whether focusing on one room, area, or category at a time. Commit to the process by having clear plans for items that are no longer needed. Ensure every item has a designated place, reduce the amount of incoming items, and be consistent in creating these habits. And if the task feels overwhelming, don’t hesitate to seek support.

The collaboration between Presence & Co. and Home Edited offers a unique and comprehensive approach to home maintenance and organisation. By combining their expertise, clients can enjoy a seamless and efficient journey towards loving their homes and maintaining order. With a focus on simplicity, practicality, and mental well-being, this partnership promises to deliver exceptional value to clients in Tunbridge Wells and beyond.

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