Exploring York: A Glimpse into the UK’s Premier Destination for 2024

Discover the Charm of York Through an Exclusive Interview with Debbie Terry from Presence & Co.

In the heart of the United Kingdom, York emerges as the crowned jewel, securing its top position as the must-visit destination for 2024, as acclaimed by Condé Nast Traveler. Renowned for its vibrant food scene, lively festivals, and the convenience of exploration on foot, York promises an unparalleled getaway experience.

We had the privilege of an exclusive interview with Debbie Terry, the winner of the prestigious York Design Awards and Portfolio Director (York) at Presence & Co, and her assistant Jessica Terry. With oversight of a diverse portfolio of 24 units, featuring over eight-holiday lets, tailored for unforgettable city breaks, Debbie sheds light on the city’s allure and the company’s commitment to preserving its architectural heritage.

Design Excellence: Unveiling 7 Tower Street

Debbie shares insights into Presence & Co.’s award-winning holiday let, the fourth project in York’s expanding portfolio. The company’s unique approach involves sourcing buildings with developmental potential and overseeing the entire process from initiation to completion. Notably, projects in York City Centre revolve around Grade II listed structures, showcasing Presence & Co.’s dedication to preserving and enhancing the city’s architectural legacy.

We delved into the challenges faced during the creation of 7 Tower Street. According to Debbie and her talented assistant Jessica, obtaining planning and listed building approval, collaborating with various authorities, and navigating conditions were significant hurdles. The meticulous restoration involved refurbishing original sash windows, adhering to strict Grade II listed building restrictions, and incorporating a modern copper and glass extension that earned praise in the York Design Awards.

Debbie highlights creative control over the interior design, where Victorian-era inspiration seamlessly merges with modern elements. The townhouse, sleeping eight and strategically located in the heart of York Centre, creates the perfect blend of historic charm and contemporary luxury.

Celebrating Success: York Design Awards Triumphs

Reflecting on the York Design Awards win, Debbie Terry expresses gratitude for the recognition. In the awards’ 15th year, competing against entries from the past five years due to the pandemic, winning two awards is a testament to the immense effort in restoring a derelict office building. Positioned opposite the iconic Clifford’s Tower, the property offers uninterrupted views, contributing positively to the city’s historic charm.

York’s Allure: A Year-Round Destination

As York claims its spot as the top destination, its enchanting ambience and award-winning accommodations make it an extraordinary travel choice. Throughout the year, the city hosts a variety of activities, from the York Ice Trail in February to the Jorvik Viking Festival and York Food Festival in September, and the magical Christmas Markets in November. York promises abundant opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

For those eager to experience the charm firsthand, direct bookings are available at Stays York, offering an unforgettable stay at Clifford’s Townhouse.

Embark on a journey to York, where history meets modernity, and every corner tells a story.

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