Presence & Co.’s Maintenance Department Trained in Pothole Repair Services in Tunbridge Wells

As the warmth of summer beckons, Presence & Co. proudly unveils an innovative addition to its acclaimed maintenance services. Renowned for its expertise in enhancing outdoor spaces, Presence & Co. now extends its reach to include pothole repairs, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation.

In a strategic endeavour to cater to diverse needs and elevate service standards, our maintenance team recently underwent specialised training to master the art of pothole repairs. Led by Richard Davis, Head of Maintenance, the team enthusiastically embraced this opportunity to expand their skill set and enrich their service offerings.

Neil Underhill, Head of Landscaping expressing the team’s passion for continuous improvement, remarked, “We are devoted to expanding our expertise and delivering outstanding solutions to our clients. This initiative embodies our dedication to excellence and innovation.”

With landscaping services in high demand as summer approaches, Presence & Co. stands poised to meet the needs of Tunbridge Wells residents with unparalleled expertise and professionalism. The introduction of pothole repairs underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions and exceptional service, ensuring safe and inviting outdoor spaces for all.

Clients can now rely on Presence & Co. not only for the beautification of outdoor environments but also for the maintenance of safe and smooth surfaces with our new pothole repair service. To commemorate this milestone, our landscaping department is offering an exclusive promotion valid until the end of June 2024. Book a block of ten or more services and enjoy a 10% discount by quoting “SPRING10” upon booking.

For enquiries or to schedule a consultation, please contact Let Presence & Co. turn your outdoor vision into reality, one pothole at a time, right here in Tunbridge Wells.

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