Empowering Leaseholders: The Right to Manage Explained

Presence & Co., a property management firm headquartered in Tunbridge Wells, is shedding light on the little-known yet powerful tool known as the Right to Manage (RTM) legislation. With the aim of offering property owners the autonomy they deserve over the management of their buildings.

The Right to Manage (RTM) is a game-changing provision available to leasehold property owners. It bestows upon them the authority to assume control of the management of their building without the need for the landlord’s consent. This remarkable opportunity empowers leaseholders to serve notice to their landlords and, upon success, take charge of managing the property themselves. From appointing a new property management company to overseeing various tasks, leaseholders gain control over their property.

With a robust portfolio spanning 242 units, Presence & Co. has solidified its position as a trusted ally in property management since its establishment in 2005. Specialising in managing diverse properties, including commercial, residential, and industrial units, the company, brings a wealth of expertise to every project. Through a dedication to professionalism and experience, the company ensures that every aspect of property management is handled with the utmost care and diligence.

According to Tom Clements, Head of Facilities at Presence & Co., “Our Right to Manage Service is a game-changer for leaseholders across all sectors. Whether you reside in a retirement housing development or a bustling block of flats, we are here to guide you through the process and ensure your interests are represented effectively.” With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, Presence & Co. strives to put leaseholders in control of their finances and properties. “No fluff, no hidden fees, no bureaucracy,” adds Tom. “Just straightforward property management with complete transparency.”

From legal processes to voting and notice-serving to the Right to Manage, Presence & Co. stands ready to facilitate a seamless and trustworthy transition for leaseholders. For those seeking to assert their Right to Manage and take control of their property management destiny, Presence & Co. is dedicated to simplifying the process and delivering tangible results.

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