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In the evolving landscape of property investment, the Build to Rent (BtR) sector is rapidly gaining attraction in the UK. At Presence & Co., we are committed to helping you navigate this growing  market with expertise and efficiency. With our headquarters in Kent and a nationwide reach, we offer comprehensive services in facilities & estates management, health & safety, sales & lettings, and of course, maintenance & construction. This blog will provide an overview of the Build to Rent policy, what it means for investors and tenants, and how Presence & Co. can help you with maximising your BtR investment.

What is Build to Rent?

Build to Rent refers to properties that are specifically designed and constructed for rental purposes rather than for sale. This model is increasingly popular in urban areas where rental demand is high, providing a stable income stream for investors and high-quality living spaces for tenants.

Key Features of Build to Rent

Purpose-Built Developments: BtR properties are tailored to meet the needs of renters, often featuring amenities like gyms, communal spaces, and on-site management offices.

Professional Management: Unlike traditional buy-to-let properties, BtR developments are typically managed by professional companies, ensuring a high standard of service and maintenance.

Long-Term Tenancies: BtR offers longer lease options, providing stability for tenants and reducing turnover for investors.

Community Focus: Many BtR schemes are designed to foster a sense of community among residents, with shared spaces and events encouraging interaction and engagement.

The Benefits of Build to Rent

For Investors:

Steady Revenue Stream: With high demand for quality rental housing, BtR developments often achieve higher occupancy rates and more consistent rental income.

Lower Void Periods: Professional management and desirable amenities attract and retain tenants, reducing the time properties remain vacant.

Enhanced Property Value: Well-maintained properties with premium features can command higher rental prices and appreciate in value over time.

For Tenants:

Quality Living Spaces: BtR properties are designed with renters in mind, offering modern, well-maintained flats with attractive communal areas.

Reliable Management: Professional on-site management ensures prompt maintenance and a high standard of living.

Flexibility and Stability: Longer lease options provide tenants with the flexibility they need along with the stability of a long-term home.

How Presence & Co. Can Help

At Presence & Co., we understand the unique demands of the Build to Rent sector. Our range of services are designed to support both investors and tenants in making the most of BtR developments.

Facilities & Estates Management

Our facilities management team ensures that all aspects of your BtR property run smoothly. From maintaining communal areas to managing essential services, we provide a seamless living experience for tenants and peace of mind for investors.

Sales & Lettings

Our experienced sales & lettings team works to secure the best tenants for your properties. We handle everything from marketing and viewings to tenant screening and lease agreements, ensuring a hassle-free experience for landlords.

Maintenance & Construction

With our in-house maintenance & construction team, we offer prompt and professional repairs, refurbishments, and upgrades. Whether it’s routine maintenance or major construction projects, we ensure your properties remain in top condition.

The Build to Rent sector offers exciting opportunities for both investors and tenants. With the right partner, you can maximise the potential of your BtR investment and create desirable living spaces that attract and retain quality tenants. Presence & Co. is here to provide expert support every step of the way, offering a 360 service that can cover all aspects of the project, from idea to let, ensuring that your BtR development is a success.

Explore how we can help you with your next Build to Rent project and get in touch with us today to discuss your needs. With Presence & Co., you’re in capable hands.

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