Discover the Charm of Heworth House: Open House Event on 15th June 2024

Presence & Co., renowned for their commitment to preserving heritage while embracing modern innovation, is delighted to announce an Open House event for the newly restored Heworth House on 15th June 2024. This historic building, originally constructed in 1865 as the Heworth Rectory, has undergone a remarkable transformation and now offers six apartments for long-term rentals and one for short-term rentals.

The Open House event invites the public to explore the beautifully restored apartments and experience the unique blend of historical charm and contemporary living. Visitors will have the opportunity to tour the apartments, marvel at the preserved grand fireplaces and Victorian mosaic-tiled floors, and appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship that went into the restoration.

Guided by the expertise of Debbie and Jess Terry from Presence & Co., in collaboration with Brierley Groom Chartered Architects, the project aimed to maintain the building’s original features while adapting it for modern use. Overcoming challenges such as relocating a significant electrical substation, the team’s innovative solutions ensured the preservation of Heworth House’s architectural integrity.

The restoration of Heworth House has not only revitalised a historic landmark but also entered into the York Design Awards 2024. This recognition highlights the dedication and skill involved in blending architectural excellence with heritage preservation.

Join us on 15th June 2024, at Heworth House in York. This Open House event is a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the timeless allure of York’s architectural heritage.

For more information about the apartments available for rental or book a viewing, please contact Presence & Co. at

Event Details

Date:15th June 2024

Location: Heworth House, York

Appointment only, please contact Presence & Co.

Experience history and modernity combined at Heworth House’s Open House event. Don’t miss this chance to explore York’s latest architectural gem.

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